Delirium Monasterium

Beers of Abbeys and Trappists

The latest Delirium offers a combination of beer and vodka. Of course the beers at Monasterium are beers of Abbeys and Trappists, monastic culture requires and … they have vodka !

Delirium Monasterium

The Bar

While the monks of Western Europe were brewing beer

While the monks of Western Europe were brewing beer, in the eastern countries the monks distilled vodka. It was therefore interesting to associate these two traditions.

You will be able to taste 150 beers (bottled and tap) and more than 300 vodkas from many countries. Some of these vodkas are extremely rare, for example presented in copies of Fabergé’s eggs or in a box with a machine-gun shaped bottle and pomegranates, others in wiser bottles are small wonders to be tasted.

To help you gather and try out these excellent products, we have created an atmosphere of circumstance … woodwork, statues and stained glass make up an environment to spend a great evening.

Delirium Monasterium


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Delirium Monasterium

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