The Little Delirium Cafe

30 draft beers ans a selection of alcohols present in the impasse

Even though the Little Delirium Cafe is not in our dead end like the other Delirium and Floris, it‘s located on the other side of the Grand Place of Brussels a few minutes walk and it’s really a part of the Delirium Village.

The Little Delirium Cafe

The Bar

Even though the Little Delirium Cafe is not in our dead end like the other Delirium and Floris

If the bars of Delirium Village each have their specificity; beers of the world, draft beers, absinthes, rums, tequilas or vodkas, the Little Delirium Cafe has none.

Rather he cumulates them all the Little offers indeed an assortment of draft beers ( 30 pumps) and a selection of alcohols present in the impasse. You will find a concentrate of the Delirium Village in a single cozy bar and a few steps from the Grand Place of Brussels.

History of a well-deserved break after visiting hours. Or simply, have a good time with friends, each finding something to satisfy his tastes.

Try the Little Delirium Cafe, a giant place!

The Little Delirium Cafe


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The Little Delirium Cafe

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