Floris Tequila

more than 600 different absinthes

When we had the Floris Bar green in 2006 with absinthes, some people told us that no one was interested in absinthe and that it would not work. Today, the bar is a great success and we have reached more than 600 different absinthes.

Floris Tequila

The Bar

Like absinthe

Like absinthe, Tequila is probably one of the most unknown spirits in the world. Its reputation is not the best because of the many counterfeits produced in the past outside of Mexico.

Today, Tequila is protected by a Mexican official body that is responsible for ensuring the quality of the product at all stages. The quality has reached fantastic levels and many connoisseurs from around the world are discovering quality products that have nothing to envy to old whiskeys or cognacs.

Floris Tequila offers around 450 tequilas and 30 mezcals. A unique offer in Europe (and maybe in the world). We have selected them to ensure a unique experience for our customers. Of course, every Floris is a global experience that means the decor is part of the atmosphere. More than ever, the decor of the Floris Tequila is unique. Go through the door and you will be projected in time to the pre-Hispanic time in an Aztec city. The bar is a temple. Masks and statues of divinities create a unique feeling and will look after you during your tasting. The trip is such that you will be shocked .. leaving Floris Tequila and discovering that you are still in Brussels.

At the moment, embark on a fabulous trip and for a great evening.

Floris Tequila


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